To be a value driven Top Five International Health Organization.


Continuously adopting new techniques for clinical research

Values & Beliefs

Values: Transparency, Ethics, Honesty.


Welcome to Clin Biotech

Clin biotech is a quality driven, full service Pharma Consultant that provides a broad range of clinical research services to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.



Clin Biotech’s Quality Assurance system is in-built into the functioning of Clin Biotech and at the same time stands apart as an independent entity to assure the quality of services.


We are committed to achieve excellence by adhering to international quality norms and ethical practices. We ensure that our services meet and exceed quality expectations of our customer with continual improvement in quality management system by

  • Team Work
  • Perfect implementation of systems & procedures
  • Taking pride in ownership
  • Keeping pace with technological advancements to meet current and future requirements.


Quality Objectives

  • Adhering to the specified standards and SOPs •    Nil Complaints
  • Customer satisfaction - 100%
  • Knowledge updating